Concrete Countertops Made From GFRC Palm Beach County Florida

Suncoast Stone have been making concrete countertops for years, however in the last 2 years the availability of higher quality products has made the production of countertops much more comprehensive, and which has been driven by the current popularity of concrete as a home surface. The newer concrete plasticizers, pozzolans, sealers and polymers which used [...]

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Concrete Statues staining painting and patina

Suncoast Stone manufactures and sells concrete statues, for us painting and adding patina can be very time consuming and we prefer that the new owner do this themselves, however many do not have the knowledge to do so. We have compiled a few finishes that our customers could try. " template="/home/suncoastcpanel/public_html/" order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" [...]

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Download moulding profiles

 Find and download our concrete moulding profiles. We have many of our standard profiles for you to download as either pdf profiles or sketchup file format. Coming soon is .dxf file format, contact us for more formats and we can send them to you. Download window casing profiles .pdf format Download sketchup format of window casing [...]

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Pre Cast Stone, interesting facts

Our business is pre cast stone - here is some background information on the history of cast stone What is pre cast stone? Cast stone is a construction industry term for concrete. The basic mix for cast stone (or concrete) is 1. portland cement 2. sand 3. stones 4. water , these are mixed in [...]

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Custom Stone Water Features & Fountains – Palm Beach Florida

Water features sometimes added to be part of the pool Custom Water features and fountains in general have been declining due to the cheaper imported water features found at the big box stores, however before each summer we see an increased demand for fountains or for garden water features to be added to [...]

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Lightweight concrete for fireplaces and decorative stone

Suncoast stone sells and ships concrete stone fireplaces out of our Palm Beach County Florida location. Part of the difficulty with selling fireplace surrounds online is that they are very heavy items to ship and also difficult to install for the average DIY-er just because of the huge amount of weight. We had to come [...]

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Stone Fireplace Surrounds Palm Beach Florida – Why?

Florida is a warm state, in fact after Hawaii, Florida is the warmest state -  so why are stone fireplace surrounds so popular in Palm Beach Florida? We discuss what we've learned while dealing with the customers that request Fireplace Surrounds and Mantels, most of whom live in and around Palm Beach County Florida. Admittedly [...]

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