water feature added to pool

Water features sometimes added to be part of the pool

Custom Water features and fountains in general have been declining due to the cheaper imported water features found at the big box stores, however before each summer we see an increased demand for fountains or for garden water features to be added to existing homes.

Based on past experience we see that most of our stone water feature business comes from new build homes, and mostly these are incorporated into the pool or near the entrance of the home.

These pool or entranceway water features are usually ordered from the architect or designer and match the overall design of the house or design of the landscape, however there is a growing number of people with regular unadorned homes that want to improve the look of their home, and yet stay away from tacky home depot fountains.

modern concrete bowl water featureMany homes are not lucky enough to be on a pond, and having a water feature in their outdoor area is a way to enjoy the water without the pond. These people sometimes get ideas on a water feature after watching one of the great home TV shows that are on HGTV. Unfortunately these shows usually have large budgets and can afford a hand carved natural marble & granite water feature or fountain – for those of us who can’t splash out like that you will be looking at pre cast stone water features.

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