One of our most popular products is exterior window trim, we would just like to give you a few ideas for using stone as a window casing and sill trim for your exterior windows.

exterior stone window treatment with sill , casing, crown

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As you can see from the window trim photos, there are many types of extra exterior treatments that you can add to a window to really complete the finish of a home. Without these exterior opening trim pieces, the job may seem incomplete, or bare (unless you are going for that minimalist look).

The 2 most common features to add are window casing and window sills, and after that possibly window jambs. Typically a casing will be 6-8 inches for standard, and a sill of 4-8 inches.

A good tip when getting cast stone window sills is to go with a larger profile, and have a fairly standard casing profile. A larger sill profile that tapers down from quite wide to quite narrow makes a big impact. Whereas a simple sill really looks quite boring.


Standard window casing with standard sills

exterior window trim with stacked stone, casing and sill

Window casing all the way to the ground, and stacked stone surround.

Here are examples of freshly installed stone window trim features.

One is quite plain, the other features casing that goes all the way to the gound, and is surrounded by stacked stone, effectively making an exterior feature window wall.

Other items that you can add besides casing and sills.

  • sill brackets
  • crown molding
  • appliques – friezes
  • pilasters
  • jambs
  • cladding
  • stacked stone


window casings with sill and bracketsClick on this image to see examples of windows that have sills with brackets (corbels) and the arch window with a frieze mold (egg and dart style) made to the same radius as the window.

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Don’t forget other options such as pediments and window shutters, flower boxes.




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“One of the features often overlooked when designing a ‘new old house’ is the window style,” says Mark Montgomery, vice president of marketing for Ply Gem Windows. “Instinctively, people realize the curb appeal of a home is not quite right when the windows do not fit the architectural style, but they can’t point out what’s wrong. Windows are so much more than white rectangles and can really make or break the home’s design.”

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