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Pre Cast Stone Palm Beach County FloridaOur cast stone product categories include some of the following precast elements.

Product Categories

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  1. Residential precast Projects
  2. Commercial Precast Projects
  3. Garden & Ornamental Pre-cast Stone Projects
  4. Hardscape precast stone projects palm beach
  5. Stacked stone exterior precast projects gallery

Discussion on precast stone, the uses and terminology of this business.

The common term “precast stone” is used because our products imitate natural stone, even tho it is mostly regular concrete. Many of our products are close approximations of classic architectural designs that go back to ancient Greece, Persia, Rome and more recent english or colonial etc… However they are usually stylized to a more modern interpretation of those elements.

When we say “cast”, we mean that the concrete is poured aka “cast” into moulds to take the shape of the mould. For example we have a mould of a column, and we pour the concrete into the mould to make the columns. This is obviously more efficient that carving a solid piece of stone into a column shape.

Color – by adding color to our concrete mix we can imitate many natural stone looks, and by adding texture to our molds we make it look even more natural.